Welcome to The Forsaken’s Obsidian Portal!

Five solar cycles ago the gods started a war. Whether it was a true argument of the god, a form of natural selection, or they were just bored, the gods forced their creations to fight in their name. Many races died out and many more were decimated to only a few individuals. These dwindled races, who were deemed no longer useful by the very gods who made them fight, are known as the Forsaken.

Five individuals of these forsaken races, five creatures who were presumed dead, now find themselves awakened in a place unlike anything they have ever seen. How they got there is a mystery the last thing each of them remembers is fighting on a battlefield. Strange creatures roam the halls and untold madness lurks around every corner. Weill these forsaken team up to figure out what happened to them and escape this maddening place or will they kill each other like renegade warriors unaware of the wars end? Will you guide them to safety or destroy everything and everyone in their path?

The Forsaken

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